The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

Inside a 2021 VW cockpit

When you take home a new Volkswagen, you can trust that it is full of reliable and innovative technology to make your driving experience around Las Cruces, NM easier. With the Volkswagen digital cockpit showcase in many VW models, drivers have a customizable, high-resolution digital display that takes the place of a traditional dashboard. On top of the standard dashboard gauges, you can have the fuel economy, navigation, and even smartphone connectivity options displayed in a safe, more convenience manner. Learn more about the Volkswagen digital cockpit with Rudolph Volkswagen of El Paso, and contact us if you have any questions. 

Personalize the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Display

Drivers all around Albuquerque, NM have a different driving experience, and the Volkswagen digital cockpit allows customization options for each driver to display the information that is important to them. With the ability to switch between up to four display preferences, drivers can tailor each trip, or easily accommodate multiple drivers sharing a Volkswagen model. Choose from these options when customizing the Volkswagen digital cockpit:

  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel economy
  • Altimeter
  • Compass
  • Driving range
  • Navigation
  • Phone
  • Safety features
  • Many more model-exclusive features!

Other Features of the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

Apart from the advantage of having access to navigation, phone information, and the speedometer at hand on Van Horn commutes, there are several other benefits of purchasing a Volkswagen model with a Volkswagen Digital Cockpit. Other highlights of the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit include:

  • Easily find and view information with the 12.3-inch, thin-film transistor (TFT) Volkswagen digital cockpit screen that offers 1440 by 540-pixel resolution. However, exact size and resolution can vary depending on the Volkswagen model. 
  • With the digital display located right in front of the steering wheel, the driver’s eyeline doesn’t have to stray far from the road creating an easier and safer driving experience. 
  • Drivers can quickly access key vehicle information and drivers assist features such as Adaptive Cruise Control and navigation functions.
  • It’s important to stay connected these days, even when on the roads around Van Horn. With the Volkswagen digital display, drivers have access to view their phone’s contact list, and make and receive calls using the controls on the steering wheel. 

Learn More About Volkswagen Vehicles at Rudolph Volkswagen of El Paso!

Now that you know how the Volkswagen digital cockpit can make your trips around town easier, explore how you can be more connected with local information and entertainment options with Volkswagen CarNet. As prepared for the challenges of the road, see how you’re covered with the Volkswagen warranty and extended coverage options. 

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